Back to School

Ah, the crisp autumn air. New backpacks. New shoes. And a new schedule.

I remember my first days back at school – seeing my friends again, having a new Trapper Keeper and colored pencils. Plus, I got to choose a new outfit for that first day while my mom snapped a picture right before the bus arrived.

Our daughter just started a pre-school program at a local church two days a week with other two and three year olds. I was surprised (and a little excited) that she had a school supply list, including a big girl backpack for all of her artwork, crayons, markers, a glue stick, facial tissues, etc. It was difficult for the both of us to let her go earlier this month, but she’s thriving. And I get four hours to myself a week to work, run errands, etc. And since she’s not napping for me anymore, I have a huge list of things I want to accomplish this year, like reorganizing the garage and basement, among other things.

What are your memories of school? If you’re a parent, have you sent your kids back? Does it get any easier with age?