Being grateful

As I write this, I’m checking out the date, as my birthday is approaching on Thursday this week. It’s not a big one this year – no zeros behind it or anything – but it does help me reflect on the past 365 days of my life. And in that time, we’ve hosted countless parties with family and friends; sold a house in the ‘burbs we loved, remodeled and cared for; packed up our stuff for a temporary urban place and managed to break ground on our new house this past weekend. I’d say that’s pretty amazing. I admit it hasn’t all been roses, as we had to make some difficult decisions along the way, but I knew there was someone out there watching over Jonathan and me.

So, I’m grateful. For the family and friends we have, my adoring husband, our jobs that allow us to have a little fun this summer, our faith, our health and this small business (and my dream) we’ve opened. There can be a lot of negativity in the news, so I encourage you to step back. And be grateful.

Enjoy the rest of your May.


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