Class Reunions: A Thing of the Past?

I remember my parents attending their class reunions and coming home to report how people have changed jobs, added to their families, etc. My younger brother had a high school class reunion last year, and it doesn’t sound like they had a great turnout.

So it begs the question: with social media such as Facebook, are class reunions a thing of the past? Would people be on their phones the whole time anyway updating their statuses and adding photos online? Do we know too much about people online to make meeting in person something to look forward to?

It’s sad, really, because I think the art of person-to-person communication is getting lost. And I wonder if our future generations will know how to conduct themselves in face-to-face interviews because they’ve been behind a screen for so many years.

Don’t get me wrong; I love social media technology and use it daily. But there are so many things that get lost in translation in the written word.

Do you still have high school class reunions?

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  1. Just skipped my 50th HS reunion. Went to other earlier ones but at the last few I found I have even less to talk about with the women than I did years ago. And the cost was ridiculous, serving as a thinly disguised HS fundraiser. If they had a round robin type newsletter on line, I might read it/contribute out of curiosity. Went to college as well, but don’t go to their reunions either. Have moved on from that stage of my life and would rather spend time with the friends I have now. And of course, my family!