Recycled coaster review

I was looking for a simple and fun craft for my neighborhood of women’s get-together I’m hosted last week. My husband and I are into recycled stuff, living green, etc. so I was looking for a craft to help show our interests. So I turned to Pinterest to help me find a suitable craft.

Since we all have dozens of magazines hanging around (well, at least I do), I thought I’d search for something to do with them. I found this article about recycled magazine coasters.

I followed the directions carefully – trimming each page, folding and weaving. And weaving is where I got in trouble, so I called upon my husband for help. It wasn’t the “under and over” part of it; it was the connecting and intertwining of it all.

Lesson learned: a video would have helped with this post! Also, the pages need to be trimmed down a lot more than she suggests. My “squares” turned out much bigger than hers.

By the way, I’ve decided this may just be too difficult to show 25 women how to put together. So we did luminaries instead.