I’ve decided one of my pet peeves is complaining. I like to blow off steam once in awhile although I know it’s not healthy. And no one likes to be around a complainer.

They’re pretty easy to spot. They complain about their kids, their parents, their bosses, the weather, parking, etc.

You may have true complaints – like your boss or money, but focusing on them doesn’t fix the situation. (I try to think of the mission trip I took to Honduras when I’m ready to complain. There are people with serious, life-threatening issues.

So how do we stop complaining?

Focus on what you’re grateful for, what you want and solutions.


  1. Change your behavior.
  2. Change the way you look at the situation.
  3. Offer possible solutions.
  4. Accept it as something you can’t change.

It frustrates me when I see on Facebook when people complain about their jobs or circumstances. If you don’t like where you work or what you do, then leave. If you feel like you’re being treated unfairly, tell the appropriate people who can do something about it. After all, where would we be if Rosa Parks didn’t speak up?

President Obama said once, “Complaining is only appropriate if you’re doing everything you can.”