No Sew Tulle Crib Skirt

After checking out prices online for tulle crib skirts ($40?! No, thanks.), I decided to make my own. And after scouring Pinterest for instructions, I hobbled through some vague directions, but made it through. Here’s the way I put mine together:

  • For a toddler bed or crib, get a fitted sheet and cut off the “fitted part” so it’s flat.
  • Measure the distance from the floor to where the skirt will start, double it, then add two inches. That’s how much tulle you’ll need. My strips were two inches wide.
  • Take the crib skirt, measure in about 1 1/2″ from the edge, then cut two slits 1″ long and 1″ apart, one on top of the other, and all the way down.
  • Take your strips of tulle, one at a time, and fold in half then feed the loop you formed through the slits. Put the two loose ends through the loop and pull. See photos below.
  • Continue this pattern on three of the four sides. (Our crib is against a wall so I didn’t do that side since you won’t see it.)
  • Then place under the mattress.

Photo credit to … someone else. She isn’t on Pinterest anymore, but I’d already saved her instructions and photos.step2 step3step4step5 step6