Oh my, oh my, oh calendars

For nine “business days,” I’m blogging about my transition from the corporate world to full-time, at home, mommy-hood … with some baking and freelance writing on the side. So join me, won’t you?

Day 2:

Corporate world: I’m a pretty organized person, so I lived and breathed (I think that’s a word) by my corporate calendar. I kept it pretty tidy … even color-coding it. Brown was for 1:1s, red was for staff meetings, blue was for xyz project, etc.

Mommy-hood: Calendars keep me organized at home, too. I’ve got a printed one in the mudroom that has three columns – one for me, one for my husband and one for our daughter. That way, we know at a quick glance who has appointments and bath nights. (Ok, so bath night is just for my daughter. My husband and I really don’t need to keep track of ours.)

Then come the digital calendars. My husband and I have Outlook calendaring viewable on our home PC, phones and tablets. When one of us makes a change, it updates on every device.

I’m working on a schedule for my daughter and me today. Instead of 1:1s, I’ll replace them for check-ins with my husband. And for staff meetings, I’ll replace them for meetings with my family at the dinner table. As for meetings about xyz project, or “blue” on my corporate calendar, let’s make those story times at the library.

Sounds good to me.