Fall Harvest

img_1589Some of my favorite memories, sights and smells come from fall time. Our October wedding. The crispness of the air. The leaves changing color. And the crop harvest.

But one of my favorite family traditions is visiting a local apple orchard. My family would drive just across the border to Wisconsin to partake in the 10-or-so orchards all along one main road. We’d take the annual “face in the hole” photo (included in this post) and try to find the best deals on delicious apples. We’d also pick up everything else “apples,” from cider donuts to pies and cider.

Although we didn’t pick our own produce at the orchards and I grew up on a farm, I think it’s important to see the trees and where food comes from. It doesn’t magically appear on a grocery shelf.

We started visiting Geisler Farms in Central Iowa a couple of years ago. We love the kids’ activities, including the hay ride, and plan to go again this fall. (Also, it’s inexpensive at only $5!)

Do you have any fall traditions?