Family traditions

A couple of the traditions we have in my family revolve around the outdoors. And Mother’s and Father’s Days. On Mother’s Day weekend, we all pitch in to plant a huge garden, including rows of tomatoes, sweet corn, squash, peppers and green beans. And when I mean rows, I don’t mean the 5’ x 10’ area Jonathan and I have. We’re talking a tenth of an acre. Anyway, it’s a big garden we all take care of, including watering, pulling weeds and then canning the veggies. I never really thought of my parents’ garden as “organic,” but now that I’m in the ‘burbs, their fresh green beans are something I look forward to all year.

For Father’s Day, we all pick strawberries from a nearby farm. Then we head home to eat ‘em, slice ‘em, make pies with ‘em or freeze ‘em.

With our new daughter, I can’t wait to start some traditions with her as a family. Maybe we’ll pick a local apple orchard this fall and start there.

What are your family traditions?