Farmer’s Market!

Fresh strawberries, flowers and people enjoying the outdoor weather. Our downtown Farmer’s Market just opened today, which attracted thousands of people from around the metro.  I love seeing all the locally-owned business with their ware, including unique jewelry, soaps and breads. (My husband and I went home only 30 minutes into the market to unload my basket-full of goodies just to load it up again.)

I especially enjoy it because:

  • Farmers/producers sell directly to consumers, minimizing profit loss by removing the middleman.
  • Consumers get to buy direct from the farmer/producer.
  • Consumers can get organic fruits and vegetables from Certified Organic farmers.
  • Consumers can enjoy fresh, seasonally-grown food produced within a drivable distance from their homes.
  • More capital remains in the consumers’ community.

Since we live in the heart of the Farmer’s Market, there’s no reason we won’t enjoy it every week until the end of October…when the season sadly ends. So enjoy your local Farmer’s Market this season, wherever you live!