Going Primal

Jonathan and I started on a new adventure. (Like parenting isn’t enough.)

The Primal Blueprint food plan. If you check out the website, you might think it’s a bit radical. No grains, legumes or sugars. No pasta. No breads. No cereals. No soda.

So how did we get started?

Jonathan’s 20-something co-worker was having trouble with inflammation in his wrist. After several bouts with meds, his doctor recommended this diet. Jonathan’s co-worker doesn’t have “any weight to lose kind of thing,” but lost more than 30 pounds three months.

We thought we’d try it. I should rephrase. Jonathan wanted to try it and I said I’d be supportive.

That first week was tough – getting rid of all the temptations in the house. Giving away cereals, breads and processed foods to family and friends. (We tried some substitutions so far, like almond flour, which is ok in some recipes.)

But after the first few days of being a bit sluggish, since my body was doing a slow-burn of my eggs and bacon for breakfast instead of my high-carb cereal, I started to feel better. Jonathan’s lost 12 pounds and I’ve lost about seven in the past two weeks.

I asked Jonathan how sustainable he thinks this really is. I mean, I’d really like to have a pizza or a taco shell a year from now. He said that after he gets down to the weight he wants, he may start introducing them again. And the program talks about the 80/20 rule. Aim for 100% perfection, but have a piece of cake at a wedding, and then get back on the program. And we can have a little dark chocolate and wine once in awhile, which is nice.

I want Abigail to grow up with fresh fish, meats, veggies and fruits. Not fast foods and pizzas all week, making our bodies “processed.”

We are what we eat, right?

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