“The Good Mother Myth”

I just finished reading “The Good Mother Myth” by Avital Norman Nathman. It’s a fantastic read for any of you moms out there. It’s a compilation of essays from mothers who struggle with depression, work outside the home full-time, stay at home with their kids, dine out a lot, and everything inbetween.

The forward talks about how we’ve all made up this “good mother” in our minds — she’s well-rested, has perfect balance, makes time to exercise, cooks everything from scratch, has a garden, buys organic, has a neat house, makes time for her girlfriends and husband, etc. Well, she doesn’t exist. And in this era of hyper-parenting with Facebook and Pinterest, it makes mothers feel inadequate.

I hope you’ll pick it up from the library or find it elsewhere to own. And then lend it to another mom, just like I did.