What makes a “green” house?

Being “green” means a lot of things to a lot of different people. It can mean organic, long-lasting, local, sustainable, recyclable, recycled, etc.

As we near our house being finished in the coming weeks, I started thinking back on our planning that started last summer. We wanted three main things on the “green” side:

  1. Have the best indoor air quality possible since my husband and I have allergies – like to dust and environmental mold.
  2. Choose products that were long-lasting, as we plan to stay in our home for many decades to come.
  3. Be a five-star energy house, with energy-efficient appliances, lighting, native plants, etc.

The rest were just nice-to-haves. If we could swing geo-thermal – great. Dual-flush toilets? Terrific. And although we didn’t go the geo-thermal route, we accomplished our three main goals, added dual-flush toilets and a rain barrel.

So what does being green mean to you?

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