Happy Halloween!

Halloween. Boo! A time to show off your best costumes, hand out treats … and then eat some sugar!

My in-laws handed out treats to about 180 “beggars” last night, as we took our daughter around the ‘hood. As you know, we’re frugal. So we bought pencils, erasers and plastic rings on clearance last year to hand out this year. Some kids miss the candy, but most kids were excited to see something different.

By the way, here are a few things I’ve noticed in Central Iowa versus rural Northeast Iowa:

  1. Kids tell jokes here to get their treats. We never had to memorize jokes to get treats when I was growing up. People would just hand us candy!
  2. Costumes here are new each year. When I was growing up, we’d have the same plastic, cracked masks year after year. Then we’d get all sweaty inside those masks trying to breathe and see out of those eye holes. Then we’d swap which kid was Bert, Ernie or the ghost every year.
  3. The candy. In my hometown, I came home with way too many apples and toothbrushes. Here, people give out full-sized candybars. Score!
  4. And when did trick-or-treating become “Beggars’ Night” and then land on the night before Halloween?

What changes have you seen as you move or get older?