When people talk about the various roles they play during a given time, they talk about wearing several different kinds of hats. The wife hat. The friend hat. The mommy hat. The list goes on.

It’s one of those things I learned early on in my college marketing classes – what’s in it for me (the reader)?

In fact, while at the pool the other day, I overheard a teenage girl trash-talking her friend to a teenage boy there. (I was giving Abigail some crackers during a pool break.) The boy finally said, “Know your audience.” As in, “I don’t care!”

So I’m trying to be better about this as I change hats during the day. When I have my “worker” hat on, the print specialist on the phone doesn’t care about Abigail’s latest word. But Grandma does. When I have my “mommy” hat on, Abigail doesn’t care about PMS colors. But the print specialist does.

I hope you’re having some fun with my blogs, as I sit here with my “business owner/writer” hat on. I enjoy writing them, so thanks for listening.

Oh, and I’ll be having a “bridesmaid/sister” hat on Saturday, July 20.