For nine “business days,” I’m blogging about my transition from the corporate world to full-time, at home, mommy-hood … with some baking and freelance writing on the side. So join me, won’t you?

Day 7:

Corporate world: Everyone needs to influence somebody at the workplace at some point. Whether it’s convincing your boss you deserve a promotion or just influencing a decision on paper clips, it’s just part of the corporate world.

Mommy-hood: Oh, yes, influence plays a factor in Toddler-ville. It’s the constant convincing: trash cans are “icky,” books shouldn’t be pulled from shelves, and eating leftover muffins from the floor isn’t best.

But there’s positive convincing, too. Like how hugs and kisses are welcomed. Waving “bye bye” is the right way to send off guests. Or “let’s clap” when she makes a couple of steps on her own.

Praise, recognition and influence all go hand-in-hand … whether you work in corporate or at home.

I’ll need to keep influencing others as a freelance writer and baker, but I’ll trade postcard design persuasion for keeping my daughter off of the bookshelves. For now, anyway.