Dora2With all of the negativity shown in the media, it’s refreshing to know kind people still exist. I’ve witnessed some examples already this year.

  1. During the first few days I was home full-time with Abigail in January, we got our weekly groceries at Target. (Picture the coldest and windiest day – and that’s the day we went.) As I was leaving the store, I struggled to hold Abigail so I could keep her warm while pushing my full cart. A woman asked if she could help. I sighed in relief. This woman pushed the cart all the way to my car so I could hold my child. I explained how it was my first week home with her and how Abigail and I were figuring it all out. The woman just smiled and said, “We’ve all been there.” I wanted to hug her.
  2. Abigail and I met my sister and I met for lunch at Old Chicago. I had a coupon to burn. Toward the end of lunch, one of the other waiters brought her a picture he drew of Dora. Abigail doesn’t know who that is, but it was kind that he went out of his way for her.
  3. We had a personal-sized pizza coupon to burn at Godfather’s (thanks to the library reading program), so Abigail and I headed there for lunch. I called in advance to have it ready, since she doesn’t like being strapped into a seat for too long. (Who does, really?) By the time we got there, the pizza was finished and we started eating. The cashier came by and said that since the buffet was closing in 15 minutes, I could give Abigail pudding, applesauce, etc. from the buffet. So, I did. Then, she came around a few minutes later and said, “It wasn’t too busy this morning, so I played the claw machine and got this.” She pulled out a small, stuffed bear from her apron and gave it to Abigail. We’re definitely coming back.

The moral of these stories? It doesn’t take a large gesture to make someone’s day. Plus, I’ll return to these establishments often. And keep telling people like you how great these employees are.

  1. You must have been to the Old Chicago on Merle Hay! That waiter drew SpongeBob for Killian a few months ago. Super nice guy and great service. Kindness of the varieties you describe happens too seldom and costs so little.

    Aaron and I experienced a pay it forward event at HyVee on 86th and Douglas once. It was so cool. Two people paid for us to eat, so we kept the cycle going.

  2. Yep, it was the one on Merle Hay! I love keeping the cycle going.