Letters to my daughter

LetterI’m writing a letter to my daughter on her birthday every year until she’s 18. I’m not sure when I’ll give them to her yet — maybe when she moves out, or maybe if she gets married or maybe if she has kids of her own.

My daughter’s second birthday is this Friday, the 17th. She’s changed so much in the last 12 months — getting off of the bottle, walking, running and talking a lot!

I reread the first one I wrote a year ago, and here’s a small excerpt:

“I’m writing you this letter from my desk at [work], where I worked for the last 10 years. It’s my last day in the office, and Daddy and I brought you today around to show you off to our co-workers. You might not know it, but changes are coming your way. Starting Jan. 28, you will be home with me full-time. But I’m getting ahead of myself.”

Do you have any birthday traditions?

  1. Great idea! Can’t believe she’ll already be two on Friday–where has the time gone?! So fun to watch her change and grow 🙂