Oh, how I love magazines. I love the feel of the paper. The pictures. And how quickly I can get through an issue.

Well, that was before Abigail was born.

As I settled down to catch up on a magazine the other night filled with Halloween ideas, I thought, “Great! I’m actually reading something that pertains to a holiday coming up!” And then I looked at the cover. November 2011.

With taking care of Abigail, doing housework and working part-time, I don’t find much time to sit down and read a magazine. I do most of my reading before bed, which is usually about parenting – milestones, what’s coming up next, discipline, etc.

So maybe I’ll get through my magazines someday. Hopefully before I use an out-of-date trend. Gasp!

  1. I feel you. I don’t remember the last print magazine I purchased. And I graduated with a Journalism degree. Ugh. I was going through stock material for artwork last night and saw some women’s hairstyles magazines from five years ago. Sheesh.