Ode to Mom

Me and my mom

Me and my mom

We were at a friends’ house recently while they prepped dinner. As we started to sit down, one of the kids asked, “Mom, can I get some water?” Then the other kid chimed in, “Mom, I need my fork.” Both parents were in the room, but do you notice a trend?

Moms are the “go-to” for most kids. They wash their clothes, put a good meal on the table, chauffer them around, listen intently … the circus ringmaster, if you will.

Same goes for my mom. Although she doesn’t wash my clothes anymore, she’s still my “go-to” for lots of things, especially since I’m now a mother.

And she’s the best for birthdays – hands down. Still is. She made me feel extra special when I lived at home. I’d have a special banner/sign waiting for me when I woke up, along with my favorite dessert at dinnertime (it changed over the years). Plus, I got to pick the restaurant where we all went to celebrate. (Granted, we lived in a small town, so choice were limited. Nonetheless…)

So here’s to Mom today. If you don’t get to see her today, please give her a call or say an extra prayer if she’s not with you anymore. She’ll still know. We always do.

  1. And she still does birthdays the best! We truly have the BEST mom!