Four new parent surprises

Our daughter is nearly six months old, which is hard to believe! Here are four things I’ve learned as a new parent:

  1. I had no idea where time went. I thought that since I was home with her for three months, I’d get some things organized in our new house, frame more pictures, etc. Nope. After she got home, I barely had time to shower and eat each day, while taking care of her…and her diapers, bottles, laundry, etc. Before I knew it, she was baptized, we celebrated Easter and I was back at work.
  2. I’m stronger than I thought. My labor and delivery lasted about 18 hours, much of it with very real contractions. We had three different nurses due to shift changes because we were there so long that day. Now, continually running on sleep in three hour increments, my husband and I manage to take care of our daughter, our house, spend (some) time with friends and family and still have full-time jobs.
  3. I have to let go sooner than I thought. When she was first born, our daughter molded her little body into my arms. Now that’s she’s rolling, sitting up with support and standing with some help, she’s becoming more and more independent. I realize that’s what I want her to become – a strong, independent woman – but I didn’t realize it would start so early!
  4. I never thought I’d have such overwhelming love (and other emotions). I didn’t realize how much I’d love I’d have for something I was carrying with me for nine months. It warms my heart whenever I see her smiling face. That said, I also didn’t realize how much awe and gratitude I’d have – and how much I might tear up when I see a mother/daughter commercial or a movie where a child is in trouble.

Parents, what are some things you didn’t expect?

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  1. Amy,
    What a wonderful post! I remember crying every night until meeting the little princess. I was so excited. She is such a doll, and we cannot wait to see her! She grows so quickly too.