Om nom nom

For nine “business days,” I’m blogging about my transition from the corporate world to full-time, at home, mommy-hood … with some baking and freelance writing on the side. So join me, won’t you?

Day 3:

Corporate world: I’d do my best to pack snacks and lunches for my husband and me at work. But some weeks, it seems like we’d go out to eat for every meal. Sometimes, “home cooking” meant throwing a frozen pizza in the oven.

Mommy-hood: We made all of our daughter’s food, including purees like applesauce and squash, up until she started eating more table foods at daycare a couple of months ago.

I’d like to continue that trend at home, so today was all about food prep. I made some muffins in our test kitchen (which is our regular kitchen, but sounds fancy), for our Muffins ‘n Such business. I also prepped marinara sauce for manicotti tonight and froze some for later recipes.

I’m also committing to “theme nights.” That way, we all know Thursday is Italian food night, Mondays are American food night, Tuesdays are Mexican food night, etc. A journey around the culinary world, if you will. Hopefully it’ll make planning and shopping a little easier.

Hope my daughter enjoys her succo di frutta with dinner. (That’s Italian for fruit juice.)