Someone asked me once if our Christmas tree has a theme.

“No,” I replied, thinking it doesn’t have a bunch of wildlife or all silver bells on it.

But the more I got thinking about it, our tree DOES have a theme. It’s a memory-filled theme.

Since we started dating in 2005, my now-husband and I purchase an ornament every year. Usually it’s to signify an event or place we went that year. (This year, we got an ornament from Kansas City, where we celebrated our five-year wedding anniversary. It’s a lightbulb from the Plaza’s Christmas lighting from the year before.)

Here are some of the ornaments on our tree:

Skates my cousin made for me about 10 years ago —








Our first Christmas when we were dating —

First Christmas 2005







Moved into our new home —

New home








Our new baby girl in 2012 —

Baby's first Christmas










There are dozens of others. And I love looking at them to refresh my memory.


Does your tree have a theme?