Parents’ Olympics

The other night as my husband and I were going to bed, we yawned at the same time. (Yes, working and parenting are tiring. Surprise!)

So, in the Olympic spirit, here are some events in the first ever Parents’ Olympics:

Opening ceremonies: Get your toddler out of bed, wrestle on her clothes and diaper, brush her teeth and hair, and then get breakfast ready. Bonus points if you’ve had breakfast before she did and if she doesn’t sit on your lap the whole time – if you haven’t had breakfast yourself yet.

Speed shopping: Unbuckle your squirmy toddler from her safety seat, grab those reusable bags, buckle that same squirmy toddler into a shopping cart and try to keep her occupied while you get groceries. Bonus points if you don’t have to give her a snack and she doesn’t knock anything off a shelf.

Curling: Raking up her toys to one designated area before people come over. Bonus points if you can clean your toddler’s fingerprints off the coffee table before company arrives.

Closing ceremonies: Attempt to wash your toddler while she splashes water, dry off your squirmy toddler, brush her teeth (say, “aaahhh!”), comb her hair, lather her up with lotion, wrangle her into her diaper and PJs, kiss her stuffed animals goodnight and read books.

Bonus points if you’re doing your best. Gold medal.

  1. I love this! You and Jonathan definitely have the gold medal—Team Kort! 🙂