Pregnancy: Trimester by Trimester






I have a few friends expecting babies later this year, so I decided to write down some of the tips I’ve given them along the way. It’s not all-inclusive, but what would you add?

First trimester

  • Take prenatal vitamins
  • Find clothes – try consignment or Belly Band
  • Find OB
  • Learn foods to avoid while pregnant – soft cheese, deli meat, etc.
  • Download pregnancy app, like BabyCenter
  • Get morning sickness relief – Altoids, hard candies, etc.
    Compile list of questions for your first visit
  • Find a new bra – softer, bigger size
  • Review company leave policy
  • Think about childcare. In centers, you’ll want to notify them right away when you’re pregnant to get on the waiting list.
  • You’ll be TIRED!

Second trimester

  • You will feel your best this trimester. Make it count!
  • Research and interview pediatricians. Ask friends and neighbors. You’ll need to give this information to the hospital before giving birth, as you’ll have a baby check-up just a few days after the baby arrives.
  • Start thinking about baby names
  • Start sleeping on your left side
  • Share news with family, friends and boss
  • Take baby bump photos
  • Plan baby room and gear
  • Try prenatal yoga
  • Decide if you’ll find out the gender
  • Start baby registry
  • Book childbirth class
  • Use saline spray/humidifier for congestion. You might start snoring!
  • Tackle pending home projects – get as organized as possible!
  • Research nursing bras – I liked Bravado!
  • Do any last-minute travel.

Third trimester

  • Cook and freeze meals
  • Baby proof home
  • Shop for announcements, get stamps, etc.
  • Pack hospital bags
  • Buy car seat, stroller, etc. you didn’t get at your shower
  • Prep baby kit – Tylenol, nail clippers, diaper rash cream, etc.
  • Get haircut
  • Plan for pets/other kids while in labor
  • Clean out car to make room for baby
  • Install car seat
  • Buy postpartum items – pads, etc.
  • Finish birth plan
  • Stock up on diapers
  • Wash baby clothes and bedding. Stock baby’s room.
  • Finalize baby names
  • Think about potential Godparents
  • Wrap up at work – leave notes for fill-in