Primal update

As I mentioned in my previous blog, Jonathan and I eliminated grains and sugars from our diets. I’m happy to report he’s lost more than 20 pounds in nearly four weeks and I’ve lost about eight. It’s been a little tough to avoid pasta, soda and other sweets, but we’ll still have the occasional piece of dark chocolate and red wine.

At my team lunch earlier today, I chose grilled chicken, steamed veggies, a side salad and iced team. Although I was tempted to get the burger, onion rings and a pop. But, you know what? I’m feel proud of my choice and didn’t have the 3 p.m. slump after the carbs wore off.

So…my point. We’re making good progress, but still look forward to when we’ll slowly introduce a few things back in our diet, like pasta. But could you really refuse a delicious New York strip steak grilled by your husband?

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