For nine “business days,” I’m blogging about my transition from the corporate world to full-time, at home, mommy-hood … with some baking and freelance writing on the side. So join me, won’t you?

Day 6:

Corporate world: Before I’d leave work for the day, I’d make a priority list of what I need to finish when I get back to the office the following day.

Mommy-hood: Before the end of the day at home, I’ll make a priority list of what I need to finish the following day.

Today was our second full day home together. Besides the daily “feeding and watering,” diapering and entertaining of Little Miss, I’d planned on doing some chores around the house, like dusting, vacuuming and laundry.

Similar to the corporate world, I started with a tidy priority list. And as the day went on, I needed to adjust and re-prioritize.

For example, story-time at the library took a little longer this morning than I expected, naptime got delayed and then I needed to start lunch. Well, dusting might have to wait until tonight or tomorrow. And I was on a deadline for a freelance writing gig, so vacuuming will have to wait. Laundry was a must-have, so I finished a couple of loads.

No matter what your situation, it seems it’s a constant prioritization act.

As for that garage, it’ll have to wait until the weather warms up … again.