Problem solving

I do my best problem solving when I’m doing a routine task, like showering, vacuuming or dusting.

Sometimes the decisions that need to be made are small, like what to give Abby for her next snack. Or, they can be bigger, like how to celebrate my husband’s milestone birthday next year.

After doing some quick, online research, there’s a lot of information about it, including some of these strategies from Wikipedia:

  • Brainstorming: (especially among groups of people) suggesting a large number of solutions or ideas and combining and developing them until an optimum is found
  • Divide and conquer: breaking down a large, complex problem into smaller, solvable problems
  • Hypothesis testing: assuming a possible explanation to the problem and trying to prove (or, in some contexts, disprove) the assumption
  • Means-ends analysis: choosing an action at each step to move closer to the goal
  • Research: employing existing ideas or adapting existing solutions to similar problems
  • Trial-and-error: testing possible solutions until the right one is found


Well, I need to vacuum, so my problem to solve is a topic for my next blog …