I’m making a mid-year resolution. (Besides trying to eat better, exercise, etc.)

I’m being more picky about who I spend my time with.

I’m tired of trying to keep up with bullies, know-it-alls, “users” and people who just don’t share the same values. It’s exhausting.

I’m not sure why I’ve made this decision today. Maybe because I’m getting older. Maybe it’s because I have Abigail. Or because my freelance business keeps me so busy during her naptimes, so I can’t just “like” every picture on Facebook anymore.

So I’m choosing to spend my time with people who make me happy. Who enlighten me. Who support me. Who value me.

People just change. Ya know? Maybe I have, too.

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  1. It’s simply a choice to be mentally healthy as well. You’re choosing better foods, better activities, and better people to surround yourself with. There’s nothing wrong with that! Stay healthy! 🙂 Chin up!