Five easy ways to save money

As my husband and I move into a new house and budget for a baby on the way in January, I got thinking about easy ways we all can save money.

Here are five I came up with:

  1. Receive and pay bills online. You’ll save time and money returning envelopes and stamping those buggers. Plus, you can set up automatic payments online for your fixed bills, like your mortgage, to avoid missing a payment.
  2. Rent instead of buy. When we worked on the landscaping at our house, we just rented a posthole digger for a few hours instead of buying one. So think twice before you spend on big-ticket items or items that you’ll use once or infrequently (like movies and books).
  3. Cut the cable. We turned off our cable about three years ago and really haven’t missed it. We watch TV shows and movies through Hulu and Netflix, which comes to a whopping $20 per month, instead of $70+.
  4. Use your honors. We’ve saved a bundle by checking out our discount board here at work…from home repairs at our old house to hotels. Are you an AAA member? Check organizations and your workplace with to see if they offer buying privileges or discounts.
  5. Tackle gifts. Offer an alternative, like limiting giving to children, putting a dollar amount on gifts per person or drawing names, like we do in our families. Your relatives will probably be grateful someone finally raised the subject. Plus, you’ll save money.

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