Folding up the sweatpants

Well, I folded up the sweatpants and headed back to work this week. We hosted about 20 people over Easter weekend, so we had a great time with family and friends. It was tough leaving her on Monday, but since I still had that day off, I took her in late and picked her up early. Jonathan also decided to take the day off with me so the house didn’t seem to empty.

It was certainly a change going back to work. I wasn’t in the laundry room so much anymore, changing diapers, feeding her or playing with her. Now I’m on the computer and phone more often. As the week went on, it got a little easier. She seems happy with her daycare providers and her new baby “friends,” and I’m enjoying interacting with a few more adults. I was just used to spending the last three months with her.

I still miss her like crazy, but I’ve plastered up a dozen pictures in my cube to remind me of her each day. Plus, we’re getting into work earlier so we have more of the evening to spend with her.

Parents, any advice for a mom just getting back to work?