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Fall Cleaning Checklist

FallcleaningSince our spring cleaning checklist was so popular, enjoy this Fall Cleaning Checklist, too!

What else am I missing?

Spring Cleaning Checklist

SpringcleaningAh, spring cleaning. I’m probably one of the very few who look forward to it.

I’m ready to dust off those ceiling fans, refresh our flannel sheets with something cooler and re-organize closets filled with winter coats.

Thanks to several other Pinterest checklists, I’ve compiled and created my own Spring Cleaning Checklist to fit our household. It’ll probably take me all year to get through it, but at least it’s comprehensive. 🙂


Spring cleanin’

Ah, spring cleaning. I look forward to it, actually. It’s a nice way to refresh the house and clear my mind. I’m starting it this weekend.

My husband and I are using a combination of checklists this year – one from thenest.com and one from Martha Stewart. Personally, I like the idea of the competition from The Nest. I’m looking forward to that backrub!

Do you spring clean?