For nine “business days,” I’m blogging about my transition from the corporate world to full-time, at home, mommy-hood … with some baking and freelance writing on the side. So join me, won’t you?

Day 5:

Corporate world: Sometimes, when people don’t get their way, I’ll know about it. Perhaps it’s a nasty-gram (an email), or they’ll let my boss know … and I’ll hear about it later. For me, that didn’t happen too often.

Mommy-hood: So these are called tantrums. And Abigail’s getting to an age where she’s struggling with independence and dependence. She’s shaking her head “no” one minute and clinging to me the next.

I can tell when a tantrum is about ready to start with my daughter. She’ll get whiny and flap her arms up and down. Or she’ll pout her lip. Like this morning in the post office when I just wanted to buy six postcard stamps.

Signs of a corporate tantrum? Whining, crossing arms, defensiveness, crying and yelling. Yikes.

Perhaps I’ll just stick with my daughter’s tantrums for now. At least I hope she’ll outgrow them.