I’m Veggie pizzahaving my first TBT party tonight with some friends. And for those of you unaware, #TBT, Throwback Thursday, is another “holiday” on social media. The idea is that people to share photos and info that is a “throwback” to an earlier time.

For my party, I’m making poke cake and veggie pizza, and will provide Boone’s Farm wine, RC cola and Pabst Blue Ribbon. I’ll also play some music from the ’70s (my personal favorite) and we’ll have a game where people have to guess who’s who in throwback pictures. It should be fun!

In preparation, I read this interesting article about how food has changed in the last 100 years in America. (Believe me – I remember the meatloaf of the ’80s. Bleh.)

So it got me thinking: how will the 2010s be remembered? Given the social media trends, my bet is recipes from Pinterest, and then posting food pics on Facebook.

What do you think? And do you have a favorite “throwback” food?