I recently filled out a questionnaire that asked how many hours a week I worked. I didn’t know how to answer it.

For more than 10 years, I’d list, “40+.” Now that I’m home with Abigail, I wasn’t sure what to write. 24/7? Hours for freelance writing and baking? Zero because I love what I do?

On the job

On the job

It got me thinking about the concept of “work.” I did some research.

According to an August 2010 survey:

  • Among the 89% of Americans who say work/life balance is a problem, 54% called it a “significant” problem.
  • 37% of those who do not have adequate balance say time with family is the first thing that suffers; personal time spent reading or relaxing followed, at 22%.
  • 30% of employees often or very often feel burned out or stressed by their jobs, 27% feel emotionally drained from their work, and 42% feel used up at the end of the work day.


By the way, here’s an interesting article from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

I think when you prioritize your values, the rest falls into place.

In case you’re wondering, I know the questionnaire was asking about one’s place of employment as it pertained to work. I listed 10-25 hours per week.

As for exercise, which was another question on the questionnaire, don’t get me started …