Meanwhile, in the yard…

As I mentioned in my previous blog, we have a lot of traditions on my side of the family, including putting in a garden around Mother’s Day.

Over Memorial Day weekend, Jonathan and I put ours in. We’re growing a couple varieties of tomatoes, some squash, yellow and green peppers, a jalapeno pepper, green beans, carrots, peas and herbs like rosemary, cilantro and sage. Since our four-month-old daughter will be eating solid foods in the coming months, we thought we’d grow some of our own food to give her. We also invested in a steamer (not a baby-specific one), so we can cook, puree and then freeze some meals for her later on.

While we were at it, we installed a rain barrel. And by we, I mean my husband. He made a couple of trips to the home improvement store to get the right gutter “elbows” and stone for the base, but we’re ready for the rain! (There’s a whopping 20% chance of rain this week on Friday. Well, we’re ready anyway.)

I hope you’re enjoying your summer!